Saturday, February 05, 2005

Week In Baquba

My Favorite Voter
Michael Yon

Baquba, Iraq

This closes a week in Baquba. The story of the week is definitely the success of the elections last Sunday.

Tonight, Saturday, I accompanied Cobra 1-6 to continue to retrieve barriers that had been erected for the elections. I think this is the first day in more than a month that I did not hear shooting or explosions. There were attacks around Iraq today, including the loss of two soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division, but all was quiet here. I checked with the TOC just after midnight and we had sustained no noteworthy attacks or injuries for a whole day in Baquba.

The only item noteworthy today was that Cobra 1-6 was instructed to clear out from our barricade-clearing mission early, due to the Iraqi Army performing an anti-insurgent raid in that area, all by itself. Without any American support. That’s Progress.

After the Iraqi Army and Police are on their own, and the government is reasonably stable, our people can come home.

All is quiet in Baquba.