Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Care Packages

Folks at home have been asking if they can send care packages to Mosul. Army officers have said that care packages can be mailed to the Chaplain, who will ensure that any goods are distributed properly. I appreciate your not contacting me in regard to care packages, lest I spend hours each week answering emails about them. Personally, I do not need packages, but I greatly appreciate the thought. For packages to soldiers, please send to:

c/o Chaplain
1-24 Infantry
APO AE 09345

This is not to suggest that care packages are needed. I have no specific suggestions for contents. This posting is in response to an overwhelming number of inquiries. However, I can say that my experience with receiving US Mail in Iraq has been pitiful. They say mail takes about ten days. I find this untrue. Mail can take months to arrive even when properly addressed, or sent by registered mail. I currently am expecting two packages that are about two months late.