Thursday, November 10, 2005


Much has occurred since my brief return from Iraq. I have so far been unable to post a dispatch about the return of the Deuce Four, and Bruce Willis’ appearance at the Deuce Four Ball where he was so warmly welcomed by the soldiers.

I was honored to be invited to the Senate in Washington. Senator Santorum invited me and several other independent writers to speak at the Capital yesterday. Also, Senator Hutchison presented some of my work on the Senate floor. A video is available here:

Last night I appeared on MSNBC on the Rita Cosby show. I was again honored that Bruce Willis also took part in the show, and recognized the importance of the ongoing war in Iraq. I will again be on the Rita Cosby show (MSNBC) tonight at around 9:30 EST.

Among other appearances, I will also be on the Janet Parshall's radio program at 4:34 PM EST today. Listening and station information are located at

I plan to soon return to Iraq.