Monday, November 21, 2005

Show and Tell: A Photo Essay

I visited at least 50 schools all over Iraq.

These wonderful children greeted American soldiers at a school near Khanaqin close by the Iranian border.

The teachers could hardly contain the kids.

Iraqi kids love to talk with soldiers.

These kids have better school manners than I ever did!

Education is paramount in Iraq.

“Too much math!”

In this region, young girls and boys attend the same school.

Lost in a dream.

Missing a tooth?

Iraqi kids, showing they can count in English: I always felt like a movie star.

Some Iraqi girls are as confident as the boys.

Iraqi commanders consoling a child after an “event." From the news yesterday “Bomb in Khanaqin” I wonder how many of these children I may never laugh with again.

These children and their families are our allies.